It is probably the most common dream in the world, to be able to fly. Thanks to this activity, men can pretend to be a bird and search the sky with the help of small and light equipment, which allows people to soar through the winds.

In Chile, paragliding is considered an adventurous sport. It is an activity that doesn’t require any previous knowledge about it, the equipment is minimal but safe, and it means the person practicing it gets to be surrounded by nature but with a bonus: that drop of adrenaline necessary in all adventure activities.

To practice this sport you need the help and assistant of an instructor, who should be able to give you the necessary information about wind currents, nearby geography and places you can land safely. As far as equipment goes, this includes a paraglide, helmet, harness, radio, emergency parachute and, in case of those practicing distance-paragliding, comfortable shoes and a flying license.

There are several places where people can go and practice paragliding, considering Chile’s cities and town are surrounded by hills. If a place is not near the Andes, then it’s near the Coast mountain range or other hills, you can see them all over. It is on top of those hills that groups go to throw themselves into the air and glide for about half an hour.

The most visited places are:

North Area
Alto Molle, Antofagasta, Tambillos and Cerro Grande (La Serena)
Center Area
Algarrobo, Batuco, Cachagua, Colina, Las Vizcachas, Maitencillo, Chancón, Lo Miranda, Machalí, El guindal, Lebu, Termas de Chillán, Lanalhue.
South Area
Antillanca, Cucao, San Ignacio, Pucón.