Chile is a real paradise for the people who likes to fish and, especially, those who enjoy fly fishing. All over the country you can find lakes and rivers that are the little darlings of fishermen, because they can be surrounded by beautiful landscapes, relaxing and thinking about life, with both feet deep in the water.

To fish in Chile you need to have some basic equipment, although some parks ask for an authorization you can get at the administration’s office. The equipment includes fishing pole, proper clothing, fishing reel and a set of flies to use as bait, plus a lot of patience.

In the lakes and rivers of Chile you can practice four different ways of fishing: spinning, fly fishing, catch and release and trolling. You can also fish at the sea, but that activity is not as well-developed as fishing in rivers and lakes.

When it comes to the places you can go to fish, they are:

North Area
Río Loa, Caleta Barquito, Puerto Viejo, Playa Salada.
Center Area
Algarrobo, Papudo, Quintero, El Tabo, Cartagena, Las Cruces, Rocas de Santo Domingo.
South Area / Patagonia
Lagos Yelcho, Elizalde, Rosselot, Risopatrón, Verde; y Ríos Futaleufú, Cisnes, Uspallantes, Penitentes, Grande, Azopardo, Serrano and in Magellian’s Strip.

In these places you can see a variety of species, although the most common fish to find are: sole, tuna, tollo, sargo, sawfish, vieja, pejerrey, tenca, carps and the most well-known and looked for: salmon and trout.