Chile has many geographic characteristics that turn it into a unique place to visit. One of them is being surrounded, and almost trapped, by its geography. While you can see the Ocean to the west, on the east you can find the Andes mountain range, which imposes itself with its eternal mountains. There are over 4 thousand kilometers of mountains, which are usually covered in snow between June and October.

Besides the vast territory in which you can ski, Chile’s mountains are known because the ski centers built in them are of top quality, with excellent infrastructure, becoming small cities up in the mountain, where people not only go to ski but to get away from the city.

In the central part of Chile, ski centers are located over two thousand meters of altitude, and in the south of the country they are not as high and include forests in between the tracks.

Ski centers where you can go and enjoy this sport are the following:

Central Area
Portillo, La Parva, El Colorado, Valle Nevado, Lagunillas, Chapa Verde.
Southern Area
Antuco, Las Araucarias, Termas de Chillán, Villarrica-Pucón, Corralco, Antillanca, El Fraile and Cerro Mirador.

All ski centers have shops where you can either rent or buy ski equipment, which includes skis, boots, hat, goggles, poles, clothing, gloves and fixers.

At the same time, there are ski schools with well-prepared teachers or instructors, who can help the little ones to take their first steps in the snow, or adults who want to learn the latest techniques. You can also learn and practice snowboard.