Located 98km away from Osorno, Antillanca Ski center is surrounded by hills and volcanos that are part of the Puyehue National Park, offering visitors not only a top quality sports center but also a privileged view of the Lake Region in Southern Chile.

To get there you should first get to Osorno, by bus or car; by plane you can arrive in Puerto Montt and then travel by land to the north until you reach Osorno. From there you can take the International Road 215 that will take you to Antillanca.

Because it is inside the Puyehue National Park, Antillanca Ski Center features quality hotel infrastructure where people decide to stay not only because they like to practice ski or snowboard, but because they want to be close to the attractions offered by the park, activities that include kayak, trekking, mountain bike, canoe riding and other sports.

The center has 13 tracks with different levels of difficulty: easy (green), average (blue), advanced (red) and expert (black), as well as off-track sectors (yellow). Antillanca’s tracks include trees and bushes on the way, because it is part of a natural park and the natural attractive is one of its most valued characteristics.

When it comes to lifts, Antillanca features five of them. The longest one is called “Cornisa”, and it is 1200 meters long.

Here you can also learn how to ski or snowboard, as well as perfect the way you already practice these sports, in the ski school. Chilean and foreign instructors give private or group lessons that can last an hour or a whole day. Kids between ages three and eight can be part of the mini-school, where they learn about ski and the mountain in a fun way.