Chapa Verde

Located 53 km away from Rancagua and 150 km south of Santiago, Chapa Verde is a more economic center than the ones near the capital. There are 1200 hectares of skiable surface, with a maximum altitude of 3100 meters. It is open for those who have authorization, which can be bought in the offices located in downtown Rancagua.

To get to Chapa Verde you must first reach Rancagua. Once in downtown Rancagua you can take the bus authorized by CODELCO (firm in charge of the center). Buses have daily departures and they wait for you in 665 Miguel Ramirez Avenue. Return is done on the same buses, starting at 5pm.

The center has 22 tracks for skiing and snowboarding, and the highest altitude is 3100 meters above sea level. There are long tracks with good slopes and excellent snow. Lifts to move around the ski center are five.

Chapa Verde has a Ski Club as well, and members of the club have discounts on tickets and meals. There is also a hotel where you can try delicious meals and wines.

Chilean instructors take care of the Ski school open to teach kids all about the basic rules of ski, while adults can ask about new techniques related to ski or snowboard, as well as other disciplines. There are individual and group classes, for experts and beginners.

There is also a store where you can buy or rent equipment, and Chapa Verde features a shop where you can take your snowboard if it needs repairing.

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