Located 65km away from Santiago, Lagunillas is near San José de Maipo, in the southwest part of the capital. It is 2200 meters above sea level and it is administrated by Club Andino.

To get to Lagunillas, from Santiago, you take route G25 to san José de Maipo. Once you drive pass the town you take the detour towards the left (properly signaled) and after a 17km ride you get to the ski center. Cars can only go up between 8am and 3pm, and cars go down the mountain between 4pm and 8pm. All cars must drive with chains around their tires.

Lagunillas has 13 tracks of different difficulty levels 8easy to expert) and in some of them you can even ski at night. There are three lifts that transport tourists to the different tracks of the center and the longest one is 1100 meters.

You can also learn how to ski or practice snowboard here, as well as perfect the way you already practice these sports, in the ski school. Classes are done by hour, and in groups of two as a maximum.

The Ski Center also offers excellent food at the restaurant, where you can have lunch and regain strength after a morning in the show. There is a pub as well.

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