La Parva

Located 41 km away from Santiago, La Parva – in conjunction with El Colorado/Farellones and Valle Nevado- is the largest skiable surface in South America. It is 2700 meters high on the mountain, from where you can get a clear view of Santiago below.

To get to la Parva, from Santiago, you drive towards the Andes through Kennedy Avenue or Las Condes Avenue, taking the Road to Farellones, and once you’ve driven past that center you need to drive for another 6km until you reach the Ski Center. Cars can only go up between 8am and 2pm, and cars go down the mountain between 2pm and 8pm. All cars must drive with chains around their tires.

La Parva features 14 tracks for ski, snowboard and other snow disciplines, which are treated overnight so you find them in perfect conditions when you wake up and go to ski the next day. The difficulty levels are the same as the nearby centers (green, blue, red and black tracks), and there are 14 lifts to transport tourists around the complex.

Chilean and foreign instructors take care of the Ski school open to teach kids all about the basic rules of ski, while adults can ask about new techniques related to ski or snowboard, as well as other disciplines. There are individual and group classes, for experts and beginners. There are also classes for people with disabilities.

La Parva features excellent hotel infrastructure, with modern rooms and common areas, restaurants and suites to relax, coffee shop, clinic, parking lot and transportation.

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