Las Araucarias

Located 82 km northeast of Temuco, Las Araucarias is in Llaima Volcano, inside the Conguillío National Park. There are 350 hectares of skiable surface, with a maximum height of 1950 meters and a minimum altitude of 1550 meters above sea level.

Getting there is pretty simple, because the volcano is outside of Temuco and you can see it from the city, so there is a well signaled road to the volcano and the ski center. To Temuco you can get by car, bus or plane.

It is a small ski center where people go up exclusively to practice ski related activities, considering it does not have a hotel complex up on the mountain. In Temuco, however, there is a great variety of hotels of excellent quality. Considering the city is only a few miles away from it, it is worth staying on the ground and then go up the mountain to enjoy nature and ski.

Las Araucarias has tracks for different types of skiers, meaning, with different colors to differentiate tracks where experts can ski and others for beginners. There are also lifts to help skiers move around the different tracks in the ski center.

Complementary services are the Ski School, where you can take collective or individual classes; and a Masotherapy Center, where you can get a nice and relaxing massage after a day in the mountain, or be in an aromatherapy session as well.

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