125 km away from Temuco you can find Pucon Invernal Center, one of the most visited ski centers in Southern Chile. It is part of the Villarrica National Park, on the side of Pucon Volcano, surrounded by wild forests and with a wonderful view of the city and the lakes below.

The park’s entrance is two kilometers before you get to the city in Pucon, and it is properly signaled. You can get by plane to Temuco and then continue your trip to Pucon and the center by land.

There are twenty tracks for beginner, average and expert skiers; which are, however, the favorites of snowboarders. In Pucón, you can also participate in one of the very important championships that take place in winter time, known all around the world because Pucon features natural Half Pipes that are coveted by professional snowboarders.

There are also nine lifts (4 pull and 5 chairs), that transport skiers around the ski center between 9am and 5pm. The longest lift is Colico, which is 1450 meters long with a slope of 440 meters.

The Center’s Ski School is prepared to teach children from age 4 to be interested in the snow, the mountain and the sports they can practice there. Adults can learn about new techniques about the sports they already practice. Classes last a minimum of 90 minutes and there are also snowboard classes.

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