Isluga Volcano National Park

Isluga Volcano National Park is located in Iquique, covering Colchane, Camiña and Huara, where it occupies a surface of 175 thousand hectares. It is found in altitude, amongst the 2000 and 5400 meters above sea level.

To reach the park you can take the A-16 route from Iquique, road that leads to Humberstone, where you can visit the abandoned offices of the saltpetre mines (National Patrimony). Then, you take the route 5 Norte to Huara (26km) and then the A-55 to Colchane (180km).

The park has an administration office in Enquelga, ten kilometers from the northern entrance, where you can get all the necessary information about the ecological system that survives in the park as well as open excursion circuits that you can cover.

There are two paths for those who enjoy walking around during the day. The first one is Laguna Arabilla where you cover about 600 meters in about half an hour. There are five stations to which you can go by car, and from where you can see the deserted geography of the area, as well as its flora and fauna. It is here where you can see the Chilean flamingo.

Another path you can walk down to is Purara de Isluga, which is three kilometers long. It is covered with rocks and it leads to a hill from where you can see the landscape below.

For those who wish to spend more time surrounded by nature or under the northern sky, you can travel to Aguas Calientes, only two kilometers south to the administration. There are two thermal water pools there, and areas to eat and rest, as well as a place for camping with all the necessary elements to make your stay easier (garbage bin, table, lockers, parking lot, etc.)

As far as open air activities go, in Isluga you can enjoy and practice the following:

Rock climbing, excursions, observation of flora and fauna, panoramic view, environmental and cultural education, thermal water.
Rock climbing, excursions, observation of flora and fauna, panoramic view, environmental education.
Laguna Arabilla:
Excursions, observation of flora, panoramic view.