San Rafael Lagoon National Park

Beautiful landscapes of millennial ices, crystalline waters and enormous mounts are part of the offering of National Park Laguna San Rafael to those who venture in sailing that will have an unforgettable visit. Incorporated in 1979 to the world network of UNESCO biosphere reserves for their natural values, the park gathers the entirety of Northern Ice Fields where originate numerous snowcaps, rivers and lagoons.

Located in the shore zone of Aysén, in part of Taitao Peninsula, the extension is 1,742,000 hectare, and is the most extend national park in this zone.

Main attractiveness are San Rafael Glacier that born in San Valentín Hill of 4,058 meters and is the highest peak in southern Andes and that it ends in the San Rafael Lagoon after 45 kms. of journey.

The lagoon, impressive for its beauty and brightness, is formed by a small entrance of the Ocean Pacific of 15 by 10 kilometres. Here flows an enormous glacier with more than 30.000 years old. Giant blocks of ice fall off from the glacier to the lagoon in a fabulous spectacle magnificent for its beauty.

Although the biggest attractiveness is the lagoon, is not possible to forget the great flore and fauna variety that offeres the park.

Here is possible to observe numerous species of birds both marine as well as terrestrial. Between them are the "albatros ceja negra", huala duck and swans of black neck, among others. The flore also highlights for its wealth and is represented by a dense population of trees, bushes and grasses like the cypress, lenga, siempreverde and the coihue that grow taking advantage of the humidity of the area. Also, it is possible to carry out recreational activities as climbing, trekking, sailing, fishing and more.

It is also important to mention the environmental educational information available in the park, since it was declared as a Worldwide Biosphere Reserve their natural resources are studied by geology investigators, botany, ecology and glaciology.

Sailing among eternal ices, glaciers and mirrors of water; observation of beautiful species animals that inhabit the place, to venture into the forests of the National Park Laguna San Rafael and, of course, have the opportunity to drink a whisky with millennial ices just extracted from the lagoon constitute the biggest attractiveness in this wonderful destination. Also is not possible forget the amusing activities that can be carried out as mountaineering, panoramic observation, photographs, fishing, among many others. Without a doubt this it is the ideal place for the lovers of the nature and the adventure.