Laja Lagoon National Park

Located 93 km away from Los Angeles, Laja Lagoon National Park occupies 11880 hectares near the cordillera of Bio-Bio. To get there you use the Los Ángeles – Antuco – Laguna del Laja road, which is open all year.

As soon as you enter the park you can see the huge waterfall that is a symbol of the area, where families go to enjoy nature throughout the year. There is a valley there where you can see the Laja Lagoon and the river of the same name, and in the background you can see Antuco Volcano (2985m), which includes a skiing complex on top.

Distances are short and you can cover the road to Antuco in a little over half an hour. The road takes you through a motorboat cemetery, a ski center, the Laja Lagoon, a cypress, coigues and lengas forest; until it meanders its way to Los Barros, where you can see snowdrifts that fall from Antuco.

To enjoy vegetation, pure air and the blue sky, the park offers information on where to go and what to visit, information you can find in the administration office or in one of the environmental education center. There are also several ranger offices, where visits are controlled, entrance is charged and information is given about activities that you can embark on inside the park, as well as info about its ecosystem.

Those who wish to enjoy the wonders of this area can spend the night under the starry sky in one of the many spots set for camping. Only two kilometers away from the entrance there are 20 spots with electricity, kitchenette, table, garbage bins and potable water, plus a bathroom and sink. The park also has cabins and a refuge open during ski season, with capacity for 50 people.

After resting and relaxing, the trip can continue. The park has defined excursion paths, which can be covered in a couple of hours, give or take. Paths take you to every attraction inside the park and they are as follows: Endesa-Salto Las Chilcas (2.5 h), Los Pangues-Meseta Los Zorros (4h), Endesa-Río Laja (3.5h), Chacay-Meseta Los Zorros (4h), Chacay-Las Araucarias (6h), Chacay-Sierra Velluda (8h), Centro de Información- Los Coigues (2.5h).

When it comes to the activities you can practice inside the park, besides excursions, they are the following:

Los Pangues:
Fishing, swimming, excursions, observation of flora and fauna, panoramic view, camping, accommodations, photography.
Excursions, observation of flora and fauna, panoramic view, accommodations, photography, environmental education.
Ski Tracks - Laguna del Laja:
Fishing, esquí, rock climbing, observation fauna, panoramic view, boat rides, accommodations, photography.