Queulat National Park

Crossing more than 40 kilometres through the Austral Road, the National Park Queulat is a good representation of the ecosystem of Patagonia. Summits, rivers, fauna and vegetation are part of the attractiveness that this place offers to the tourist, with the possibility to stop the time and recreate the landscapes that we have always imagined to explore.

This park is unique for its characteristics in Chile and you can arrive to it in car. With a surface of 154.093 hectares, it has a relief conformed in great measure by the Patagonic mountain range of los Andes. It has ten places for camping, with the basic services for the survival and 24 hours park guards of the National Forest Corporation, CONAF, to offer orientation for people that visits this place.

The countless paths around the park allow to appreciate the different forms of the relief on the region, through activities like trekking, equestrian trips, mountaineering and observation, among many more.

One of the biggest attractions is the hanging snowcap, that shows the real effects of the glaciations in Patagonia; it borns from the highest summit in the park the Alto Nevado Hill (2.225 mts).To get here you can get through the paths programmed for walkings and it is possible to contemplate it from a watching place. Without doubt, the always green flore of the place charms most of the visitors; because in very few places of the country you can observe the different arboreal species like maitén, cinnamon tree, coihue, tepú and perennial bushes of leaves and wild flowers.

The National Park Queulat is divided in several sectors, where stands out the mentioned big formations of glaciers, the rivers and, especially, the virgin vegetation, a territory that still hasn't been explored completely.

The main attractions are Queulat hanging snowcap, Témpanos Lagoon, Risopatrón Lake, Queulat Slope, Glaciers strong wall, Padre García Salt, Portezuelo Queulat, Condor Salt and Cat Rock, all of them excellent places you can't miss.