Cape Horn National Park

The Cape Horn National Park was created in 1945, and it was named Reserve of the Biosphere in 2005. it was a 63 thousand hectares of land, which includes the Wellington Islands and the smaller group called Hermite. There, you can find a monument built in honor of every seaman who lost their lives fighting against the moody southern sea. The sculpture was installed in 1992, for the 500t anniversary of the discovery of America.

There are many animals and sea birds in the Park, all of them have thick skin and are covered in strong feathers, to protect them from the low temperatures of the Islands. There is also a lot of vegetation, which is different from the rest of the trees and bushes in Tierra del Fuego, because it's lower and denser. At the same time, there are mountains over 200 meters high.

The Park and the archipelago are part of the Chilean Antarctica province.

Just travelling to Cape Horn is a priceless experience. Wether you chose to go by air or water, the landscapes are covered in green and skyblue, like no other place on Earth. The archipelagos just come together, giving the visitors a paradisiac view. It's one of the latest places to be named Reserve of the Biosphere, protecting the species against any kind of danger at the hands of men. It's a distance place, but it promises to take your breath away.