Llullaillaco National Park

Located in northern Chile, Llullaillaco National Park is almost 269 thousand hectares in Antofagasta, only 275 kilometers away from the city. Getting there is fairly simple because there is a 57 km long road that goes by the side of the Domeyko Mountain range and crosses the Baquedano – Paine route.

It is a small park where people can go and enjoy being surrounded by nature, there are no other activities available but to walk around and breathe under the starry sky of Antofagasta.

The park features a nursery in Quebrada de Zorritas, where you can use a kitchen, bathroom and basic accommodation for five people, installation occupied by the personnel of the Forest Corporation (CONAF). There are not spaced for camping or spend the night in the park.

In Quebrada de Zorritas you can practice rock climbing, excursions by car, walkd, observation of flora and fauna, take pictures or a course on environmental education.

It is recommended to give notice to either Carabineros or CONAF about the circuit you intend to cover or the places you want to visit inside the park. Take into consideration that you need a permit to practice Andinism. There are mine fields in the area so it is a must to stick to the official roads and leave a note in the mentioned places about visits and returns.

It is also recommended to always carry a bottle of water with you, to avoid dehydration. The climate is dry and the sun is very strong there, so use sunblock and wear light clothes.